Utah Divorce

utah divorce

When you and your spouse have decided to dissolve your marriage, it can be an emotional and distressful time of your life. Divorcing couples can sometimes establish a settlement with little drama, but some divorce proceedings can be emotionally grueling. Experienced Utah divorce lawyers know that the process is much easier if couples avoid blaming each other and try to remove the emotion from the negotiations. Simple Legal Utah attorneys and staff members can take you through the divorce process by offering the preparation and filing of legal documents related aspects of family law.

Utah Divorce: Mediation or Litigation?

A divorce encompasses many issues including division of property & material goods, child & spousal support, and child custody & parent visitation rights. In each aspect, the divorcing pair can choose divorce mediation to achieve solutions or, if they cannot come to an agreement, legal action or litigation may be required. Regardless of how your divorce will unfold, the attorneys at Simple Legal Utah will stand by you and help you draft and file the paperwork once you have made your decisions.

  • Mediation is often preferable because it is less costly, it accomplishes a divorce faster, and it often results in a settlement that is child-centric: that is, parents agree to terms with the child’s interest in mind.
  • Litigation is usually time consuming and usually results in a more expensive divorce. Not to mention, a divorcing couple may become increasingly resentful as the proceedings drag on for months and months. Sometimes when parents are engaged in a legal battle, the child’s well being overlooked.

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