Uncontested Divorce Salt Lake City Utah

uncontested_divorce_salt_lake_city_utahSimple Legal Utah offers uncontested divorce Salt Lake City Utah legal document preparation and filing.There are two types of divorces: contested divorce and uncontested divorce.


  • Contested Divorce
    A contested divorce is one where the divorcing couple has one or more issue regarding the divorce which they cannot agree upon. Here, a judge will evaluate your both sides of the argument and make judgment on the terms of the divorce. Taking legal action in a divorce proceeding can be a lengthy process and is almost always an expensive process. With the help of a mediator, a facilitator, or a lawyer, most couples in a contested divorce will eventually find a divorce strategy which they can both agree to. Here, the couple have “settled out of court”.
  • Uncontested Divorce
    In contrast, an uncontested divorce is one where the divorcing couple agree to all aspects of the divorce settlement and they do not need the help of lawyers or judge to resolve disagreements because there are no disagreements to speak of. Uncontested divorces are “fast track” to a divorce because you bypass the entire process of negotiations and court appearances. Although you and your spouse may agree to a divorce, your petition to dissolve the marriage will still need to go through the legal process. There is a mandatory 90-day wait period before a judge will dismiss or grant your petition for a divorce. If there are no children involved and the couple is in complete agreement to the divorce settlement, then the judge will usually grant your request for a divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Salt Lake City Utah Services

Although an uncontested divorce is much more simple than a contested one, couples often enlist the efforts of an attorney to help file the paperwork and provide expert advice and assistance where needed. If you find yourself at the cusp of a divorce situation please call us at (801) 362 3786 for uncontested divorce Salt lake City Utah document preparation. Need to ask a quick question? Send us email using our online form for free 30-minute consultation.