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Family lawAt Simple Legal Utah, our Salt Lake City family law attorney is committed to providing you with quality service and expert document preparation and filing. Our SLC team is well versed in all areas of family law including divorce proceedings, property division, child custody, spousal support, paternity rights, guardianship’s, adoptions, post-divorce modifications, and child custody modifications.

You can be assured that our family law attorneys will know which forms are needed, how they are to be prepared, and where to file them. Our lawyers have been serving the community since 2002 and have helped many families through this challenging period of their lives. Simple Legal Utah offers family law document preparation to residents of Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Summit, Weber and Tooele counties. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or in the post-divorce phase, our attorneys can help you prepare and file the legal documents related to all aspects of family law.

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Simple Legal Utah has a team of attorneys who can help you in the preparation and filing of documents related to your divorce and other matters concerning family law. Our attorneys have had years of experience in the area of family law and can facilitate the process by ensuring that your legal documents are properly prepared and sent to the correct departments. Our goal is to help you construct legally binding documents to resolve family conflicts. Please make an appointment for an in-office meeting or call us at: (801) 362 3786 for a 30-minute free consultation. If you have a question or a situation which you would like to discuss, you can send us email with this online form.