Salt Lake City Child Support Lawyer

Salt_Lake_City_Child_Support_LawyerAccording to Utah law, a parent has the duty to provide for his or her child after a divorce. The courts of Utah will determine the conditions of child support based on many factors. A parent may be required to provide child support payments for extended periods. Because the financial well being of your child (or children) is at stake, it is recommended that you enlist the help and advice from a Salt Lake City child support lawyer so that you understand your rights both as the provider or as the recipient.

Child support payments are determined by State guidelines which are complex and take into consideration factors such as the income of each parent and their visitation rights. For the most part, the formula used to calculate child support payment is inflexible. There are very few instances when the Court may deviate from the State guidelines. It is beneficial for parents to meet with a Salt Lake City child support lawyer so that they understand their rights and obligations for immediate and long term child support.

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