Modification of Custody SLC Utah

modification of custody slc utAfter a divorce and couples begin new and separate lives, they may find that the custody and visitation orders may not work. This is especially true when a period of time has passed and children have grown older, or the divorced couple may have started new lives with new partners. The conditions set by the Courts may need to be changed or modified to better suit the new families. A request for modification of custody SLC Utah is not unusual.

Revisiting Your Parenting Plan

If the parents are in good terms with one another, they can renegotiate all, or portions, of the parenting plan. If the parents can come to a new agreement, then a modification of custody SLC Utah can be achieved by completing forms and filing the documents with the court of law. However, if one of the parents does not agree to the changes, then the parent wishing to make the changes will need to file paperwork with the court of law to request “modifications” of the current child custody order. Simple Legal Utah offers preparation and filing of legal documents so that you can be sure that the paperwork is done properly and the request for modification can be processed without delay. Our experienced attorneys will be able to advise you on the documents that need to be completed and where to file them.

The attorneys at Simple Legal Utah are dedicated to providing legally drafted documents in all aspects of family law. The associates work with people who wish to get divorced, people who need help in dividing property, and people who need help with child custody and child/spousal support issues. This includes preparation and filing for modification of custody SLC Utah.

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